April 11, 2015

Welcome to the New Blog!

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been a little quiet on the social media front and here’s why – I’ve got a new blog! My incredible fiancé (for the next 62 days) has been slaving away on this blog and has put up with the endless revisions, critiques, and wish-lists I’ve thrown his way. We designed this blog to go hand in hand with my website we launched last January and are so excited about the new and improved features this blog has to offer both me and my readers!

So now’s the time for my thank you speech:

Showit (the AHMAZING company I use for my website) just recently added blog hosting to their resume and they completely rock it out! They responded to our many, many “HELP” emails  and instant chats quickly and patiently answered questions I’m sure they thought were silly.

My impromptu tech crew (a.k.a. Jesse and Jon) when Blake and I came up against some hurdles that were a little too big for us to get over on our own, they stepped in to save the day. We could not have refined the rough edges on this blog without you!

And of course my incredible soon-to-be husband, Blake. I cannot express my thanks enough. You took off running with this project and accomplished more than I ever thought possible. You have the patience of a saint and deserve a medal for continuing to work even after the 100th “ooooohhh what if we did this instead!?!?”.

I can hear the music playing cutting me off so I’ll end with this: I started to transfer over some of the posts from the old blog, but quickly realized that it wasn’t going to happen. So if you’re a past client and notice that your post didn’t make it on to the new blog, don’t worry! The old one will remain online so you’ll always be able to go back and visit it if need be!

Please, click around and let me know how Blake did!

Keep smiling!

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