October 8, 2015

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While their personalities are a little different, they agree on some pretty amazing things: their sense of humor, love for mid-century design, and above all else – their daughters are the best.

October 1, 2015

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They talked a little, got to know each other, and at the end of the night when he asked for her number… she gave him a fake one!

September 29, 2015

FILED IN: first look, weddings

Their adventures and experiences could fill an entire book and are theirs to share, so I’ll keep it short: Michael and Veronica are two amazing people surrounded by incredible friends.

September 22, 2015

FILED IN: engagements

Seth and Amy just have an ease about them. They fit together perfectly and compliment each other in the best ways.

September 15, 2015

FILED IN: portraits, seniors

A senior cross country runner at Granville High School, Micaela was so much fun to hang out with Sunday evening as we explored German Village during her senior portraits session!

September 13, 2015

Meet Everleigh. This gorgeous baby girl was just over a week old when I met her last Sunday and she absolutely rocked her first modeling gig!

September 8, 2015

A little over two years ago, Luke and Hannah fell in love. Living in Oklahoma, Luke was soon making excuses to fly to Ohio and visit Hannah whenever he could. And who can blame him?

September 2, 2015

FILED IN: weddings

I’ve never seen two people more excited to get married and start a family than Andy and Becca.

August 30, 2015

FILED IN: engagements

He took her to Cabo and spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” with towels on the lawn for her to see when she looked down from the balcony.

August 27, 2015

FILED IN: portraits, seniors

Here’s what you need to know about Sarah: She’s just recently started her senior year at Granville High School and is seriously one of the sweetest and coolest girls I’ve ever met.

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