April 15, 2015

FAQ: What We Wear to Weddings

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Every so often a bride will shyly ask me at one of our meetings before the wedding what Blake and I will be wearing on her big day. And I have to laugh because unfortunately it’s not always a given that your wedding photographer will be dressed up on your wedding day. I’ve been to weddings where the videographer or photographer are in khakis and sneakers and once I even saw a pair of cargo shorts. And that’s fine if that’s their style and the bride and groom are okay with it – but that’s not how Blake and I roll.

We try to blend in with the guests as much as possible (although our giant cameras normally give us away). That means that I will be in a dress and Blake will be in a suit. Every wedding. If your wedding is in the middle of a field on a 90 degree day, Blake may take off his jacket but you’ll never see him in shorts. And yes, sometimes that means we are more dressed up than your guests, but we’d much rather draw attention for that than the opposite.



I wear flats to every wedding (I tried heels early on and my feet quickly told me “no”) and a dress that is long enough for me to squat, sit, and lay down in so when I need to get creative to get a shot, your guests aren’tĀ getting an eyeful of anything inappropriate – just a crazy photographer lying on the ground.

Blake and I don’t spend much time taking pictures of each other at weddings, but when we do we try to catch each other in the least flattering way possible. He always wins.






Keep smiling!

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