August 15, 2016

Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC: 2016 Vacation

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At the beginning of July Blake and I took a week off from our crazy schedules and wedding photography to drive out and visit my brother and his partner in Baltimore, Maryland and I’m finally finding the time to blog about it and share photos from our adventure!

The first several days of our trip we spent in Baltimore, walking around the city and exploring. On the 4th we walked down to the harbor to watch the fireworks show, but the fog made it a little difficult to see the fireworks clearly. I still managed to get a couple of cool photos with the outlines of ships in the harbor. On Tuesday we went to Baltimore’s National Aquarium and after the aquarium we headed back to my brother’s place on foot to get a mini-tour of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Fells Point.

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I loved all of the store fronts in Fells Point. This area of the city was founded in 1763 and has such a rich history!

baltimore16 baltimore17 baltimore18

I was a sucker for the sun drenched lobby of my brother’s apartment building and just had to take a few quick pics!


On our last day we headed in D.C. for the day. It was both Blake and I’s first time in our nation’s capital and we had big plans. I wanted to see it all. The Smithsonian, the mall, the White house, Arlington National Cemetery. But with the heat of the day and having already walked 10 miles that week, we quickly narrowed our scope. We ended up starting the day at the Smithsonian’s American History museum and then finished our day with a walk around the mall spending the most time at the WWII and Lincoln Memorials.baltimore20


left: the mic FDR used for all his fireside chats with the American people; right: collection of voting posters throughout the years


above: the ORIGINAL Washington monument. It was quickly taken down because people thought a buff, half-naked George Washington was a little weird


left: the diner counter where the famous Greensboro Sit-in occurred; right: the hat Abraham Lincoln was wearing the night he was assassinated

baltimore24 baltimore25 baltimore26

Walking into the World War II Memorial got me a little choked up. It is an incredible tribute to the millions of lives lost during the war and a beautiful reminder of why we should never let something like that happen again.

baltimore27 baltimore28 baltimore29 baltimore30 baltimore31

The Lincoln Memorial was PACKED when we got there around 2pm. Being the only shelter from the sun and the heat in sight, it was easy to see why people tended to linger inside the shadows of Lincoln a little longer than any of the other memorials. Of course the other reason to linger was obvious – it’s Lincoln. A gorgeous building to honor what an incredible individual did for our country.

baltimore32 baltimore33 baltimore34 baltimore35

By the time we reached the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial I was dying from the heat. We quickly vowed to come back and see the Roosevelt and Jefferson memorials another time and b-lined for the closest subway stop to take us back.

baltimore36 baltimore37 baltimore38 baltimore39

Despite the heat our time on the east coast was amazing. Exploring new cities is always fun for Blake and I and I’m so glad we got to squeeze two amazing towns into our trip this time.

And next time, I promise is won’t take me a month and a half to share the pictures!

Keep smiling!

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