July 17, 2017

Emma: 6 Month Lifestyle Baby Pictures | Everal Barn & Homestead, Westerville, Ohio

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I have been surrounded by adorable baby Emmas recently and I’m not even the littlest bit mad about it. I mean look at that face! I could photograph this little model all day, every day and Saturday at Everal Barn & Homestead in Westerville, was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was shinning and there was a soft breeze blowing through the weeping willow. We could not have asked for a more beautiful Ohio day.

We actually started Emma’s 6 month portraits with pictures of her mommy and daddy while Emma finished her nap. Emma’s mommy and daddy just celebrated their 3rd anniversary last month and are still the cutest couple.

Once Emma woke up, it took her a couple of minutes to warm up to the camera, but the great thing about being six months old is you’re always cute. No matter what face you make.

I call this the difference between mommy’s job and daddy’s job 😉Moving over to the weeping willow by the pond’s edge, Emma was entranced by the leaves moving slowly in the breeze and we got some amazing pictures of the whole family together.

Keep smiling!

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